Super Double Lollies®

These Super Double Lollies are super-sized by popular demand! Super Double Lollies feature two delicious Rockets® flavors with two combinations to choose from. There’s plenty of candy goodness to enjoy when you choose these Super Double Lollies. Unwrap one and be rewarded by a flavor explosion!

Super Double Lollies not big enough for you? Check out our Rockets® Mega Double Lollies. Want a smaller lollipop? You’ll love our Rockets® Double Lollies.

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I really like Super Double lollies! They are fun to eat. I always bring them with me to the movies so I know I’ll have candy that I like!
Mandy K.
The whole family loves Super Double lollies. We keep them in the car. They are perfect for long drives, and we know they won’t melt or make the kids a sticky mess!
Gary S.